What makes the Adoption Insider different?

We are completely independent, and are able to provide an objective perspective on the various avenues of adoption to focus 100% on your individual needs.

What if I have a very uncommon situation?

Every situation is unique. Everyone comes to adoption in different ways. We value all experiences and circumstances equally.

how long does it take to schedule a session?

We try to arrange a meeting within 2 weeks of every intake session.

What if I don't live in Los Angeles?

We work with clients via Skype or phone.

How much does the Adoption Insider charge?

All services are tailored to meet each client's individual needs and every service package is priced accordingly.

what kind of families or individuals does the adoption insider serve? 

The Adoption Insider works with all types of modern family structures. 

What if i have already hired an adoption professional? 

We meet clients where they are.  Many clients come to us having already hired a traditional adoption professional. We treat these relationship with the respect they deserve and strategize about ways to serve clients that are supplemental to already-existing professional relationships.

Does the adoption insider locate birth parents?

No. We are not a facilitator or locator of birth parents.


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